Interactive English Notebook

I want our readers to become interactive and thoughtful readers. I’ve done a lot of research on interactive notebooks and thought it would be a hands-on approach to have students show their thinking during reading. At the same time they are drawing, writing, responding to text, looking for figurative language, analyzing vocabulary, and creating a portfolio of sorts. I will list below each section of the notebook. We are creating this in class while doing an example page for each section. I have each of these sections on my wall for students to refer to as well as this web page. I will add sections as we get deeper into our topics so check back often. This is what we have so far:


I. Ongoing Reading Log


II. Thinkmarks Reading Log

This is where the post-it note flags really come in handy.  When we read we place these thinkmarks in various places that correspond to the key to the left. Students have made this chart in their notebooks and I’ve made one for the wall for reference.  After we make thinkmarks we post them to this section of our notebook on paper and explain. This explanation may be in words or pictures. Here is an example of an interactive notebook I’ve found online and I can’t wait to put our student examples up soon.














I’ve explained to our students that vocabulary words don’t have to always be predetermined words given by the teacher. We choose vocabulary words as we read that are cool words, difficult words, important words, academic words, etc… We then interact in various ways with this word to make it more concrete for us and our understanding. This example below is in our notebooks as well as on our wall:


•Sentence you found it in the text w/pg. number
•Synonym and antonym
Verbal/Visual Map:
•Word (Left upper box)
•Definition(bottom left box)
•Visual representation/symbol (upper right box)
•Personal experience picture/words (bottom right box)



IV. There is more to come…..